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Single phase inverter

Single phase inverter normally is for small power electric motor speed adjustment applications, with single phase 220V to 240V input to three phase voltage output (lower than input voltage), due to the compact design, this type of frequency inverters can be installed in a small space easily.
single phase inverter
Inverter power range: 0.4kW to 2.2kW
Input voltage: 1 phase 220V, 230V, 240V fluctuate rate 15% plus-minus
Output voltage: 3 phase 0 to rated input voltage
  1. Sensorless vector frequency inverter
  2. Wobble frequency function special for textile machines, these inverters are suitable to be applied to most textile machines.
  3. Output high torque under very low frequency
  4. Built-in PID for close loop control mode
  5. With speed adjusting potentiometer, panel can be connected to other devices;
  6. 32 bit high speed CPU in fast calculation
  7. Check & modify frequency inverter parameters online
  8. Built-in braking unit to allow accurate control
  9. Provide RS-485, Modbus-RTU to communicate with PLC
  10. Rich fault protection function to monitor operation record
  11. Dynamic torque control, rapid response according to load's change
  12. Copy frequency inverter parameters by remote keyboard;
  13. Simple PLC control with multi-step program terminals function;
  14. Lock part or all key-press buttons (invalid of analog potentiometer).

Inverter Applications:
Drawing machine, textile, packaging machinery, tobacco, paper making, stone machinery, mining machinery, printing machinery, food, chemical, transmission, wire and cable, metallurgy, machine tools, wood machinery, ceramic industry, building materials, and much more industries.

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