single phase frequency inverterSingle phase inverter normally is for small power electric motor speed adjustment applications, with single phase 220V to 240V input to three phase voltage output (lower than input voltage), due to the compact design, this type of frequency inverters can be installed in a small space easily.
vector inverterThis frequency inverter supplied by our factory integrated vector control function. This inverter can continuous running even if power supply off for a few seconds, this new feature allows the motor running automatically in unstable electric power supply environment, plus, it can track the induction motor's speed in real time and start at its current speed when the power supply on, this feature makes the electric motor work more smoothly with less maintenance.
The Gozuk EDS1000 is a full featured Medium Voltage frequency inverter, providing outstanding quality, performance, reliability from 200 HP through 5000 HP. It utilizes Gozuk's Smart HarmonicsTM Technology which reduces input power Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) to less than 50% of the IEEE519-1992 levels.
Pump driving has torque decreased characteristic, effective overload protection function is important to make it running on the over-torque conditions. In this case, once the overload current reaches the set value, reduce the frequency inverter output frequency, that is stall in running. For such torque decreased loads, the frequency inverter can be running at the balance point for a short time, and restore original set frequency automatically after the load drops.
Chinese energy saving industries investments will reach to 4 trillion Yuan in the coming years, which is very good for frequency inverter industry promotion. In accordance with new technologies development all the time, it will enable industry convergence of emerging technologies to develop a new generation of inverters.
Frequency inverter being used in automation industries for about 20 years in China, due to the performance and impressive electricity saving rates, the rate of utilization reach 30 percent in different industries & applications, especially recent years, the annual growth rate is about 20%. Frequency inverter in mine application is later than other applications, but in recent 5 years, the development is very fast and gonna be the head of other applications.
You need to ask questions such as: 1. what will the cable distance be between the frequency inverter and the motor? 2. What is the system voltage? 3. What is the rise time of the inverter's output IGBTs? 4. Is the load constant torque, variable torque or constant horsepower? 5. What speed range is required? 5. Will the AC motor always be powered by the frequency inverter or is across-the-line bypass required? 6. What is the motor's nameplate voltage and frequency rating? 7. What is the horsepower or kW rating of the electric motor? 8. Will the conductors between the motor and the frequency inverter be shielded or non-shielded? 9. What type of raceway will be used for the conductors between the frequency inverter and the motor?
inverter serviceHigh quality frequency inverters for electric motor speed controls in energy-saving solutions.