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Frequency inverter typical applications

In most Chinese power plants, the induced draft fan of boiler furnace commonly runs at a constant speed with power frequency. A massive of energy is being wasted in the process of adjusting the wind quantity via the valve. The 200WM generator usually runs with peak shaving, with huge valley-to-peak difference. When Gozuk frequency inverter is installed, the induced draft fans get access to realize speed adjustment, as well as wind pressure and wind quantity control no matter whether the valve is open or not. Accordingly, Gozuk inverter is able to help the power producer save energy and cut cost. Field operation shows that energy-saving rate of 20%~70%.

Moreover, Gozuk inverter will also bring many indirect economic benefits based on its upgraded functions:

• strengthen reliability of the equipments
Realize soft starting when Gozuk frequency inverter is installed, eliminating huge surge current and mechanical wear abrasion, so as to prolong service life of the equipments. Relieve vibration of the fan and prevent axletree from wear abrasion.

• Reduce maintenance and repair cost
Gozuk inverter can help the user reduce maintenance and repair cost as it eliminates huge surge current and mechanical wear abrasion.

• Enhance automatization level
Gozuk frequency inverter is equipped with several external signal and computer interfaces, which enable the inverter convenient to connect with the control system PLC, DCS &FCS, communication system, energy management system and other management system. It greatly enhances the machines' roboticized control and management level.

• Relieve labor intensity
On condition of the load changed, it is very inconvenient to adjust the wind quantity by changing the valve opening. And this control mode has poor linearity and high fault rate. In contrast, when adopting Gozuk inverter, it can adjust the speed of the fan by regulating the fan's motor frequency. It is much easier to operate, with perfect linearity and control sensitivity.

Gozuk inverters are suitable in the fields of power, iron and steel, HVAC, oil, mine, construction, etc for the high-voltage motor's speed adjustment, energy saving, soft starting and intelligent control. The performance characteristics and effect of energy saving technology, which is on the basis of converting frequency to change the speed of fan and pump units, are pretty satisfying.

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