Inverter knowledge

Some manufacturers' inverters can provide 100% torque at Zero speed without an encoder. A properly rated and designed motor can be provided to operate at Zero speed, full torque (often called 1000:1 speed range motors). This is a very typical motor requirement for Paper Winders and Rewinders, and Steel Coilers and Uncoilers.
Generally frequency inverter has following control modes: open loop vector control, V/F control, open loop torque control, closed loop vector control, slip frequency control.
Open-loop vector control inverter
Apply to high performance general-purpose application with no PG encoder, one frequency inverter controls an electric motor only. Such as machine tools, centrifuge machines, wire drawing machine, injection molding machine, etc.
Generally, there are dozens of function parameters in frequency inverter, or even hundreds for option. In practical application, it is not necessary to set every parameter, most parameters can be keep factory default settings.
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