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How you consider yourself as a PV system professional?

Being that you consider yourself a well rounded PV professional, and it's sounds like you are, and you also fancy integrity since you don't like FUD, you probably understand that each technology concept has a place in the market...

1) Where would string inverters (different than central) work well in your opinion?
2) What would your list look like if it were Pro's for string inverters?

Keep in mind string and central inverter concepts are vastly different. For example you can use multiple string inverters for different orientations, string lengths or module types, or a central inverter even for different orientations, and the losses are incredibly small, so small where if this is your case, excluding string lengths & module types, I have very convincing data that shows it probably makes the most economical sense to stick with one inverter. Anyways, would love to hear your thoughts on the best scenarios for string and central inverters as well.

3) Isn't it true that regardless of String or Micro, the power from the solar panel has to get to the point of interconnection? So if there are "No DC Losses" that just simply means there are greater AC distances and therefore losses... and since the AC voltage is often lower voltage than a DC string, you actually have more AC losses. Or am I missing something here?

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