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Frequency inverter in NC Lathe

Gozuk EDS2000 frequency inverter has the advantages of high torque, high-precise speed, and complete function. It can test the dynamic operating parameters automatically and adjust correspondently, to ensure the motor works in the best status. Hence, Gozuk inverter can take place of AC servo system for its high performance-price ratio. It is used widely in NC lathe.

Due to Gozuk EDS2000 frequency inverter can completely replace imported brand vector control inverter in NC lathe, the clients can reduce the cost as well.
Disk type machine has violent mutation inside when operating, which brings serious impact to the machine and decrease the life of the injection molding system. Its low automatization, unchanged output power and high consumption caused large energy wasting.

Gozuk EDS2000 frequency inverter energy saving technology can test the pressure and flow signals feedback from disk type machine, control machine's output power, auto control the pressure and the flow. This is equivalent to changing the fixed pump into energy saving unfixed pump. At the same time, the new technology can reduce the vibration of opening and closing the mold largely, which can keep the product's quality stable, reduce the defective problem and prolong the machine's life.

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