Using Gozuk advanced vector control frequency inverter can supply larger torque when the machine runs at low speed and automatically compensate speed change of high-load running. Excellent dynamic, as well as the excellent over-loaded capacity can meet various needs in many fields.
The injection molding machine usually use triple asynchronous AC motor which cann't vary its speed, the constant vane pump which drags and the flux of output hydraulic oil cann't be varied. The plastic machine which operation at the low speed, excess fluid is returned via overflow valves to the fluid supply ,and the energy is wasted.The frequency inverter can adjust the speed of motor according to the function of control system, and can vary the flux of hydraulic oil output from vane pump according to the speed of plastic machine action, and reduce the energy waste of hydraulic oil from overflow valve to oil supply, so to save more power. According to the products of injection, the energy can be saved 20~70%.
The frequency inverter designed for lifting industry application has a good torque control performance with advanced control technologies. Its reliable braking control, quick stop, DC excitation control, master-slave control technology to ensure the safety, reliability and high efficiency in lifting industry application. For different requirements in lifting industry, there are translational structural frequency inverter, full inverter, dynamic braking frequency inverter and a variety of mature application for users. Frequency inverters are widely used in lifting machinery for lifting, pitching, luffing, wheelbarrow, gyration, grabing.
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