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Frequency inverter in Automatic Disk Type Plastic Molding Machine

Disk type machine has violent mutations inside, which brings serious impact to the machine and decrease the life of the whole system. In most of the shoes manufacturers in China, old equipment, low automatization and high energy consumption is the main problems. The equipments are usually designed as the biggest production capacity, while it's rarely used in this situation. The motor of the oil pump keeps the steady speed, so the output power will hardly change. This is a serious energy-wasting.
Gozuk frequency inverter can test the pressure and flow signals from the disk type machine and track and control the output power, pressure and flow. This is equivalent to changing the fixed pump into energy-saving pump, the previous system is fit for the whole machine's demand power. Gozuk inverter can achieve energy-saving purpose and also reduce the vibration of opening and closing the mold largely, which can keep the products' quality stable, reduce the defective problem and prolong the machine's life.

Proved by the practice, through this new energy-saving technology and its serial managing operation, the enterprise can at least reduce 20%~70% cost.  Gozuk frequency inverter application in the plastic machines is widely used and popularized. This technology has made great contribution to the energy-saving in China.

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